Watch Jim Morrison Perfectly Predict The Future Of Music Way Back In 1969

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07.25.16 25 Comments

The Doors frontman Jim Morrison is famously known as “An American Poet” thanks to everyone’s favorite non-Blutarsky dorm room poster, but perhaps “An American Prophet” is more accurate.

Consider the stunning accuracy with which Morrison predicted the state of modern music in the above clip from a 1969 interview. He didn’t quite get to the part about past-their-prime bands dumping albums into your telephone, but he did nail the prevalence of DJs “performing” live EDM sets in front of large crowds — roughly 40 years before that was a very real thing.

It’s worth noting that the surviving members of The Doors actively participated in the materialization of Morrison’s prediction a few years ago by collaborating with (drumroll built by Roland 909s, please…) Skrillex. Here’s a clip of drummer John Densmore in the studio with Skrillex, discussing Morrison’s prediction:

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