Watch U2’s The Edge Literally Fall Off The Edge Of A Stage

If you’re going to force everyone to call you “The Edge,” you better be exceptional at handling yourself near the outside limits of an object.

Instead, U2 guitarist David Howell Evans, (regrettably) known as “The Edge,” set himself up for a good three months of jokes to deal with after falling offstage during Thursday night’s show in Vancouver. He appears to have survived with minimal injuries, but the real damage will be in the form of endless puns that’ll make him wish he never gave himself such a generic, corny nickname:

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"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

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That’s not exactly what The Edge had in mind when he decided to, you know, live life on the edge with his nickname. Yes, it’s a pretty thin runway… but your name is The Edge. You, of all people, should have an innate sense for all edges at all times.

In fairness, U2 has performed countless injury-free shows. Catastrophe was bound to happen at some point based on sheer odds. Just try not to be so literal about it the next time, guys?

(Via Noisey)