The Justin Bieber And Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Look-Alikes Made A Music Video Together

Do you like Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” but wish it was performed without irony by people who, if you squint, kind of look like someone famous? Well, then meet the Plastics, the Beatles of the face/off world. There’s Toby Sheldon, who spent over $100,000 to resemble his idol, Justin Bieber; RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and Madonna defender, Venus D’Lite; and of course, the John Lennon of the group, Kitty Jay. She paid another human $25,000 for the “Jennifer Lawrence Package.” At least that’s what she asked for, because I’m pretty sure Kitty ended up with the “Jennifer Lawrence’s Mailman’s Niece.”

Together, they’re the Plastics, and they just filmed their first chart-topping music video. And by chart-topping, I mean this song has raised the nation’s blood pressure charts to never-before-seen levels.