The Lead Singer Of Say Anything Vomited On A Security Guard In The Middle Of A Concert

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Who says rock and roll is dead? Actually, I don’t know if anyone actually says that, but if they did, I would direct them to this video which was taken last night during a Say Anything concert at West Hollywood’s House of Blues. I’m not all that familiar with Say Anything or their lead singer, Max Bemis, who vomited mid-song during a rendition of “I Want to Know Your Plans” and then kept right on going — but I guess it doesn’t get much more punk rock than that?

It just sucks to be the poor security guard who got regurgitated PBR and Jim Beam (probably) barfed all over his head. I guess you knew the risks, bro, when you decided to work at a . . . Well, pretty high profile Los Angeles music venue.

(Via TMZ)