The Roots Just Dropped New Music For The First Time In Two Years

For the first time in a little over two years, we have new music from The Roots. The legendary hip-hop act and house band for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon dropped a new joint, “Champion,” which doubles as the anthem for the NBA Finals slated to kick off on June 2. A 30-second promo clip dropped on Monday, with the full track following Monday night.

The song is a throwback of sorts for the group. It’s much more of a straight forward hip-hop track than what appeared on their last album, 2014’s …and then you shoot your cousin. It’s an inspirational jam, spear-headed by Black Thought’s motivating lyrics about overcoming obstacles and rising up in the face of adversity. The music is classic Roots — sparse, but interesting, all being driven by a classic back beat by Questlove.

We have to wonder, though, does this mean we might get more new music from The Legendary Roots Crew at some point soon? Because that would be pretty dope. I mean, what they’re doing on The Tonight Show is great and all, and we’re always appreciative of a good Questlove Tweetstorm, but I for one fell in love with the group because of their music, not their extracurricular activities. I don’t think I’m alone, either, in hoping “Champion” is the precursor of something more.

(Via Okayplayer)