The Weeknd’s Deluxe Edition Of ‘After Hours’ Features A New Version Of ‘Heartless’ With Lil Uzi Vert

The Weeknd’s new album, After Hours, just came out a few days ago. Usually artists wait at least a little while to release a deluxe edition of an album, but not The Weeknd, as an expanded version of After Hours is out now. The new release adds five new tracks to the record, including some interesting collaborations.

Most notably, the deluxe edition includes the “Vapor Wave Remix” of “Heartless,” which features Lil Uzi Vert. The new version of the song starts out on a more ethereal note and has a slower pace overall., with The Weeknd’s vocals pitched down. Uzi begins his verse, “She got me confused, I swear she got me mixed up / I don’t need you, girl, so I don’t care if I slip up / Yes, I swear I’m heartless, more life for my wrist up / She rob me for my love, I feel like this a stick-up.”

Aside from that, other new tracks include a remix of “Blinding Lights” by Chromatics, a remix of “Save Your Tears” by Oneohtrix Point Never, a remix of “After Hours” by The Blaze, and the Saturday Night Live performance of “Scared To Live.” Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, by the way, composed the score for Uncut Gems, in which The Weeknd stars.

Listen to “Heartless (Vapor Wave Remix)” above, and stream the full deluxe version of After Hours below.

After Hours is out now via Republic Records. Get it here.