The Weeknd Once Ordered A Dozen Board Games On Postmates In One Night

With his new album After Hours garnering praise for returning The Weeknd’s sound back to his druggy Trilogy days, it turns out the Canadian singers lives a much healthier lifestyle than it sounds like in his songs. In the latest episode of Postmates’ artist-based series The Receipt, The Weeknd reveals that his nights are filled with a lot less all-night partying and lot more party games like Pictionary, Code Names, and and Taboo, while he seemingly traded in a cocaine diet for a plant-based one.

Among the orders The Weeknd has placed on Postmates, some standouts include an order of Big Boggle, Catchphrase, Code Names, Connect Four, Mancala, Operation, Pictionary, Scattergories, Taboo, and Uno Deluxe from Barnes & Noble all in one night, a single cup of orange juice from The Nook Restaurant at 10 AM (his smallest order), and the bandages he’s been wearing on his nose for this album’s promo cycle after he forgot them for his Saturday Night Live performance.

He also ordered the black gloves from his “Blinding Lights” video on Postmates, as well as his go-to in-studio meal: Veggie bites from Crossroads and an Impossible burger from Vow Burger. Call Of Duty is in there twice, too — he ordered Advanced Warfare from GameStop in 2016, then Black Ops 4 in 2018.

After Hours is out now on Republic Records. Get it here.