There’s A Petition To Get Paris Hilton Booted From DJing A Music Festival

Monkey masturbation material Paris Hilton is scheduled for a DJ set at Summerfest, the same “world’s largest music festival” that will also host Kendrick Lamar, Sheryl Crow, and Weird Al this summer. Despite all the hours she put into making that patch of Arby’s between L.A. and Miami a better place, Hilton isn’t exactly being welcomed to Milwaukee. Nearly 5,000 concerned citizens have signed a petition asking Summerfest to “remove Paris Hilton from the lineup.”

This is a middle finger to anyone who paid to go this festival.

You claim to be one of the premier festivals in America and then you go ahead and hire someone like Paris Hilton. She is a disgrace to dance music and is a perfect example of what spoiled celebrities do when they’re bored. She has no right to be paid good money to stand up there and clap her hands on a stage. That money could be used to hire credible djs that actually work hard on their craft. If Paris has any respect for dance music she would step down as she’s clearly not worthy. Signing her to Summerfest is supporting a false, non credible, and quite frankly overall terrible “musician”/”DJ.” This diminishes dance music as nothing more than a cheap show and if you have any respect for the integrity of music you will remove Paris Hilton from the lineup. Please sign and share this petition together we can at least show Paris that we won’t stand for this. (Via)

The nice thing about music festivals is that eight out of 10 attendees are freelance DJs (that’s also the worst thing about music festivals). So, if Summerfest wants to save some dough, they can boot Paris Hilton and hire the girl with the Indian headdress or the guy with the ironic Borat cargo shorts to stand in front of a laptop for half the price.