This Gordon Lightfoot Cover By The Replacements Could Be Your Life

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.27.13 3 Comments

Late last year, it was revealed that Slim Dunlap, a former guitarist for the Replacements, those ramshackle bunch of love-lorn punk drunks from Minneapolis, suffered a stroke, and needed some dough to pay the bills. ‘Mats fans came to the rescue, to the charmingly-out-of-tune of $100,000 raised in an auction for the limited-edition five-track Songs for Slim reunion EP. (Only 250 copies were pressed, one of which went for $10,000.)

The EP will be released to the general public on March 5, and in anticipation, Pitchfork is hosting a stream of “I’m Not Sayin’,” a cover of the classic Gordon Lightfoot song. It’s not quite THE Replacements, considering Bob Stinson passed away in 1995, but as long as Paul Westerberg’s brokenhearted voice remains, it’s close enough.

Hear the song on Pitchfork, then relive the glory years.

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