Notably Bad Director Tommy Wiseau Directed A Music Video. Seriously.

08.12.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

Tommy Wiseau has forged a very unusual career, wherein he is in demand solely based on how abjectly incompetent he is as a writer, actor, and director. His film, The Room, became one of the foremost “so bad, it’s good” movies for this generation, and turned him into a cult hero. Presumably the band Corsica Arts Club are fans of Wiseau’s work, because they got the living legend to direct the music video for their song, “California I Follow.”

Let us allow Mr. Wiseau to explain things as only he can, and yes, he did get the band’s name wrong:

“I enjoy very much working with the band, the Corsica Art Club. I think all the members did very a good job. They have certain vision. Same here. I’m, as a director, always, you know, I’m looking for detailed work. And they present me detailed work like lyrics, they already have the music, and I say ‘Okay, let’s just analyze what we can do.’ The concept was vision, basically—what we can do. What the story? So, we brainstormed this story, and I say ‘Romeo and Juliet, what about that? New generation.’ And they accepted, and we did rehearsal, and that’s the finished product. So the concept was ‘vision, vision, vision.’ Thank you.”

The song is okay, but obviously anybody who is watching this music video is in it to see what Wiseau has done. Unfortunately, and this is not something one gets to say much, most people will probably be disappointed in the relative level of competence to the video. It’s more a nod to the classically bad Wiseau projects like the aforementioned The Room and The Neighbors. However, that fan service should give people a bit of amusement. It’s not the Tommy Wiseau music video we want, but it’s the Tommy Wiseau music video we have.

(Via Noisey, h/t AV Club)

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