Too Short Gave Queen Latifah An Unexpected Shoutout On ‘Verzuz’… But Will She Respond?

Tonight’s celebration of the Bay Area featuring E-40 and Too Short is one of the best entries into the Verzuz catalogue so far, and it will also be the showdown of the year. The show is in full swing, and hearing these two legendary producers share stories and play the classics is more than enjoyable — it feels historic. Both of these icons know that despite their own talents, the hip-hop community at large has been instrumental in their success, and Too Short in particular has been mentioning the female rappers who he worked with on hit songs, name-checking Lil Kim and Kelis while playing collaborations.

But he also took a moment to mention Queen Latifah for another reason. Using what might be his favorite adlib, the B-word, very frequently throughout the night, Short mentioned that there’s certain women he will never use the word on… like Queen Latifah. Fans and listeners reacted to this hilarious statement with question marks and plenty of their own thoughts, immediately bringing up her song “U.N.I.T.Y.” and the famous line “Who you calling b*tch?” Now, fans are waiting for word of the mention to get back to Queen and see if she responds. Technically, it’s a compliment, even if it’s a roundabout way of delivering it. Check out more reactions below and tune in to watch E-40 and Too Short play the hits for the rest of the night.