Tool Curating A Festival Is Going To Be Awesome, Even If It’s Not New Music

Fortunately for Tool fans, the alt-metal giants are doing something new. Unfortunately for those same fans, it’s not new music. The band teased a date last week that led to speculation that a new album was on the way. However, it just turned out to be the date of a Tool-curated festival in June.

The 10,000 Days band will play in San Bernardino on June 24 along with Primus, The Melvins and The Crystal Method. Of course, because it’s Tool, the band is also offering stunning visuals in addition to the stacked mini-fest lineup.

“We are very excited to announce the unparalleled sonic and visual experience of TOOL LIVE IN CONCERT in the high-spirited setting of the GLEN HELEN AMPHITHEATER in SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA on JUNE 24, 2017,” the band wrote on its charmingly goofy and outdated website. “For the occasion, the band will also have an additional SPECIAL GUEST to be announced soon. Quite simply, fans of TOOL will not want to miss this SUMMER HAPPENING featuring critically acclaimed bands (and friends) on a stage where anything can happen.”

Tool has been almost suspiciously active lately, landing on some of the best festival lineups and touring on their own to cities they haven’t stopped in for many years. Some are even hoping that this means new music is on the way, but we’ll believe it when we see it.