Tori Amos’ Turbulent ‘Cloud Riders’ Is A Musing On The Power Of Mother Nature

Back in April, Tori Amos announced that she will be releasing her 15th studio album come this fall entitled Native Invader. Almost like a contemporary transcendentalist, Amos has always found spirituality and divinity deeply rooted in nature and its tenants, and this has shown through in her music and artistic aesthetic. Native Invader, a record she described as one that “looks to Nature and how, through resilience, she heals herself,” is a continuation of this profound reverence for “the ultimate regenerator.” Today, Amos has graced us with the lead single off the forthcoming record called “Cloud Riders.”

The track is an extension of Amos’ signature sound, which falls somewhere in between ’60s rock and ’90s alternative folk grunge, into a whole other galaxy. “Cloud Riders” is a reflection on love evoked simultaneously through the imagery of turbulent storms and peaceful, celestial bodies. Amos reminds us of how love can mirror the natural phenomena, in that it is vast, strong, all-powerful, fast-moving, but sometimes destructive.

On the song, Amos told NPR, “Some storms are electrifying but some storms are deadly. Life changing. Some resolve themselves, some don’t. Conflicts can be that way. You don’t know how a conflict is going to play out when you are in the middle of it. And the one thing I have learned is that when Cloud Riders are coming, they cannot be outrun.” Listen below.

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Native Invader is out September 8 via Decca Records.