Tyga Insinuates That The Kardashians May Have Been Behind All Those Negative Stories About Him

Charlamagne Tha God is one hell of an instigator. Before he even says, “Good morning,” to Tyga start the LA rapper’s interview with The Breakfast Club, he demands to know, “How did you lose Kylie, bruh?” Charlamagne’s follow-up is also a doozy, as he point-blank asks Tyga if he had a Maybach and a Ferrari repossessed last year. Tyga denies that the cars have been repossessed, saying, “For the last seven months we ain’t been together, have there been any negative stories out about me?” Charlamagne presses the attack, insinuating that Tyga might be suggesting the rumors that circulated in the tabloids about Tyga being too broke to keep up a car note were planted by the Kardashians themselves — specifically by Kris Jenner. Tyga’s reply: “Maybe.”

“All I’m saying is, whoever controls this type of media hates seeing rappers with young, white women,” he clarifies, but reiterating, “That’s just how it is. I sold my Maybach a long time ago.” He points out that he bought Kylie a Maybach, while she also bought him a Bentley, which he claims he no longer owns. “At that level it’s like an exchange.”

The “Rack City” rapper addresses his short-lived beef with 21 Savage, following Tyga’s diss record addressing the Atlanta trap rapper’s come-ons to Kylie Jenner, whether or not he thinks the Kardashians ruined his career, and his feelings on those t-shirts that caused all the ruckus a few weeks back. “I just think they don’t think too much into,” he says, “I would have been like, ‘Don’t do that.'”

He also talked about his split with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, and how it sparked all sorts of drama within the Kardashian family, and says that he tried to warn Rob about Chyna beforehand. For his part, Tyga plays coy throughout the interview, relating that the relationship was just like any other, despite Charlamagne’s “Sunken Place” wisecracks, stating that, “For her image and perception is everything.”

You can watch the full interview video above.