Tyler, The Creator’s Brand New Cartoon, ‘The Jellies,’ Now Has A Trailer

It has always been pretty clear that Tyler, The Creator has had aspirations beyond making music. He’s directed a lot of his own music videos, has shared desires to do film scoring, and had his own sketch comedy along with his other Odd Future compatriots with Loiter Squad on Adult Swim. Well, now Tyler can express his bizarre imagination with limitless possibilities following the announcement of his new cartoon, The Jellies.

Animated by Augenblick Studios, best known for their work on Wonder Showzen, Ugly Americans, and Superjail!, the show follows a 16-year-old human boy who is recently told he’s adopted — he somehow had no idea despite his parents being made of mesoglea. The show, which is exclusive to the Golf Media app, is co-written by Tyler and Lionel Boyce, and scored by Tyler as well, as he excitedly mentioned on Twitter.

And just from the quick 2-minute trailer, you see so much stuff like decapitations, bear fellatio, riots, terrorism, centaurs, and rappers who will probably die in some elaborate way. It definitely feels like something that could be a spiritual companion to Superjail! but with probably even worse morals.

The first episode is available now on the Golf Media app, and new episodes premiere every Sunday.

(Via YouTube)