U2 Fans Showed Up In Droves For A ‘Secret Show’ That Never Happened

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07.14.15 3 Comments

In a scene that sounds like the exact opposite of the Songs Of Innocence release, a bunch of U2 fans who actually wanted to hear their music showed up for a secret show that wasn’t actually happening.

Rumors spread via Secret Boston that U2 would perform an unannounced gig on July 13 at The Burren, an Irish pub in Somerville near where the band played a show in 2009. Hundreds of fans showed up (over the protestations of the The Burren’s owner, who said there was no secret show) and lines to get into the bar spread around the block.

The mob grew and grew until U2 themselves put an end to the rumor around 10:30. The rockers put the kibosh on the secret show and tried to find a silver lining in their fans’ disappointment.

Boston U2 fans will just have to stoke the fires of their inferiority complex by hate-watching that NYC subway set again.

(via Boston Magazine)

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