Premiere: UFO Fev Shows How Family Time Is ‘Beneficial’ With His New Video And EP

UFO Fev has had a productive 2016 so far. After releasing the joint Taxes EP with producer Rich Lou in April, he popped up on Ras Beats’ Control Your Own LP with the battle-ready “Front Line.” The Harlem rapper is taking the next step with a new project, Blue Room Sessions.

The six-track EP was whittled down from a total of about 40 songs, some of which ended up on projects like the Taxes EP. Its title comes from a code name used by the U.S. government for a room in Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico where there is believed to be debris from UFO landings. Fittingly, the project starts with audio of a former state senator and his conversation with a US Military official about this secret room.

There was also a greater inspiration for the project in Fev’s daughter, Penelope. “I spent all my time with her outside of the studio,” he said, “so most the music comes from wanting to make her proud.” It made sense, then, for the first video from Blue Room Sessions features footage being used from a recent family vacation to Turks and Caicos Islands.

“The one song I feel best represents me is ‘Beneficial,’ which is why we gave it a visual,” Fev said about the track. “So that the people who take time to listen and tune into what I have to say. Understand I don’t make music to mislead anyone. This is a revolution that is brewing within the youth and our culture. There are more people like me, like us then we think about. It’s beneficial, the music and the money.”

Watch the music video for “Beneficial” and stream Blue Room Sessions EP below.