These ‘Uncharted’ Artists Are One Step Closer To Blowing Up

For these “Uncharted” artists, this gig could change their lives.

Regardless of what kind of music you’re into, chances are something you love was made at the The Village. Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and Supertramp’s Breakfast In America were recorded at the legendary studio. Artists like Johnny Cash, Guns n’ Roses, Weezer, and Dr. Dre have logged sessions at the former masonic temple. It makes perfect sense then that this hallowed space would serve as the setting for the Uncharted showcase, which gave four up-and-coming artists previously profiled in this series a chance to perform in front of a room full of industry people.

That the walls of The Village are imbued with so much musical history wasn’t lost on Jasmine Janai. But rather than let it intimidate her, the Atlanta-based R&B singer/songwriter used it as inspiration for her first ever performance in front of a crowd.

“To be in a place like this is so nice,” Janai told us. “I’m hoping to, you know, soak up all the greatness from all the people who were here before me.”

The Village is also a far departure from the New York City subway platforms Damiyr Shuford is used to playing at. The showcase gave the longtime busker an opportunity to have his confessional storytelling be heard by someone that could take his career to the next level instead of a weary commuter just trying to make their way home.

“It felt good,” Shuford said of being on stage. “It is weird because I guess i’m not used to it. It was nice to have people actually listen, you know? Like everyone. Listening.”

For Raja Kumari, who spoke in her Uncharted episode of embracing her Indian heritage and making it part of her music (a traditional/hip-hop hybrid she aptly calls “Bollyhood”), the evening was a validating experience. It was confirmation that being true to oneself and refusing to conform to norms and expectations can be rewarding.