Vince Staples Finally Gets His Own Sprite Can With His Iconic ‘Norf Norf’ Verse On It

When Vince Staples crows, “B*tch, you thirsty, please grab a Sprite,” to intro to the very first song on his Summertime ’06 LP, “Norf Norf,” it sounds like any other witty rap jab to a detractor or overexcited groupie, but in Vince’s case, it may have been a more calculated move to associate himself strongly in listeners’ minds with the beverage, who just happen to be one of his biggest sponsors.

Since he was prominently featured in an “Obey Your Thirst” campaign for the soda company, which has a long history of using rap to sell their product, he has gone on to jokingly refer to Sprite on his twitter, using the platform to suggest angry commenters should grab a can and chill out. As a running gag, it’s one of his most recognizable, and many fans are unable to tell the difference between an honest to goodness plug and Vince’s naturally sarcastic sense of humor.

Sprite’s answer: “Why not both?” in a continuation of their “Obey Your Verse” campaign from the last 2 summers, Sprite has announced the latest round of MCs to get their words printed on the side of a cool, refreshing can of hip-hop’s favorite soda. This year’s list includes up-and-coming rappers Vince, Lil Yachty, Kamaiyah, Vic Mensa, D.R.A.M., and Kap G.

And yes, they did use the opening bar from “Norf Norf” on Vince’s can — sans “b*tch.” Say what you want about Vince’s level of respect for the 90’s (the decade Sprite first began working with rappers to sell drinks to the hood), or his off-putting sense of humor and fatalistic worldview, the kid knows how to sell a product. Take a peek at the “Norf Norf” video below.