This Vine Star Got Caught Dabbing On Live TV At Every Olympic Event He Attended

If you’ve been watching the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, you may have inadvertently seen Vine star Logan Paul, as well as his “roommate/employee” Mark Dohner, without even realizing it. Paul — who was once quoted as saying he dreams one day of being what his dad calls “the next white Will Smith” — went to the Olympics with one mission. (Or so I assume! “Getting laid without contracting the Zika virus” had to be somewhere on his to-do list, as well.) That mission? To dab on live TV from the crowd.

Dabbing, for the uninitiated (read: people over the age of 28) is a dance in which the dancer “simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing,” that gained popularity around early 2015.

In the YouTube description for the above video, Paul writes, “WE DABBED ON TV AT EVERY OLYMPIC EVENT WE ATTENDED lololol,” which he managed to edit and set to the Ying Yang Twins classic “Whistle While You Twurk.” I have to admit, it’s pretty damn funny. As far as life goals go, dabbing at the Olympics may not seem all that impressive (compared to becoming the next white Will Smith, anyway), but you have to admire their tenacity.