Waka Flocka Raps Over The Velvet Underground On ‘Ask Charlamagne’

It’s an oft-trotted out idea that the Velvet Underground didn’t sell a lot of albums on their first go-round, but everyone who bought their debut started a band. Well, the age where Velvet Underground is an accepted and well-loved part of the musical canon has them beat because none of those first-wavers ever made Flockaveli.

Waka Flocka’s latest finds the onetime Brick Squad member holding his own over an instrumental sample of “Venus In Furs.” Supah Mario dirties up the string sample to better match Waka’s guttural rapping and even if the whole thing sounds crazy on paper, it just works. And who knows, Lou Reed himself might have liked it. He was on record as a big-time fan of Kanye West at his most abrasive. Is it that big a leap from there to the sounds of Flockaveli 1.5?

Deciding to rap over a much-loved VU track is one of several questionable decisions that Waka has made to kick off the year, but this one plays out a lot better than defending Bill Cosby on Twitter.

“I really feel like somebody is framing Bill Cosby,” Flocka wrote before calling the charges against the comedian “propaganda” and “an organized lie.”

(Via SPIN)