Warpaint Drop The Moody And Rhythmic ‘Hips,’ Another Preview Of ‘Radiate Like This’

We are now just a couple weeks away from the release of Warpaint’s anticipated new album, Radiate Like This, which will be their first LP in six years. Today, the band offers an advance look at the album with another single, “Hips.”

The song is, as many Warpaint songs are, carried by an infectious groove, atop which eerie vocals and instrumentation lay. The band’s Emily Kokal compares the song to “gyrations of the birth of a new world.”

Theresa “TT” Wayman also previously said of the new album, “We got really lucky because the foundation of what we’ve recorded was recorded together. It would feel really disjointed if we had to write it from scratch from afar. It’s actually been amazing that we’ve been separate and had time to record the top layers and we can get even more considered with them. It’s really helping us that there are no time pressures and money constraints. […] I’ve been thinking a lot about lyrics and so I’ve been thinking about [Bob] Dylan a lot and how he strings a story together. He finds these perfect ways to say something that is so normal, it’s something that everyone experiences, but he unlocks this great metaphor for it.”

Listen to “Hips” above. The band also recently announced 2022 tour dates, so find those here.

Radiate Like This is out 5/6 via Virgin. Pre-order it here.