Watch A Fun Compilation Of Kurt Cobain Getting Pissed Off At People

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02.20.15 3 Comments

“Teenage angst has paid off well, and now I’m ready to buy Kurt Cobain’s old credit card.” That’s the thinking of at least six people who have already placed a bid on Cobain’s personal Seafirst BankCard Visa at the macabre “Legendary: Memorabilia From Rock Gods and Pop Stars” auction. Right now, it’s going for $7,100, or $600 less than Frank Sinatra’s driver’s license.

I’m sure Cobain, who was born 48 years ago today, would be thrilled that something he kept pressed against his butt, next to his Blockbuster Video Card (he loved Over the Edge, but not enough to buy it), will soon reside in the basement of someone who comments on Nirvana’s YouTube videos as LoveBuzzer69. Now’s as good a time as any to present this fun complication of Cobain getting really pissed off at cameramen, fans, and lighting operators.

Miss ya, Kurt.

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