Justin Bieber Got Grappled To The Ground In This Street Fight After Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

Justin Bieber is no stranger to physical altercations, especially ones that get caught on camera. He’s been choked by Post Malone (both men said they were just playing), thrown attacks at paparazzi, and he even shoved upcoming rapper Desiigner in a club after he stepped on the Biebs’ shoes. You don’t ever step on the Biebs’ shoes.

Now, a new video from TMZ has emerged where Bieber appears to get into a fist fight with a man twice his size, following his appearance at Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The one thing that you can’t take away from Bieber is his heart (or lack of sight). For a smaller guy, Biebs at least doesn’t seem to have much fear in this situation. Anyway, Bieber appears to grab the gentleman by his collar, to which the man responds by man-pawing Bieber’s grill. The pop star then throws a haymaker and a mass of humanity swarms to the ground with Bieber anchoring the tide on his back.

Not much else happens in the video, but the guy he was swinging at clearly has the advantage at the end of the video, and looks like he could have just pummeled the entertainer if he pleased. Fortunately for Biebs, it looks like the man showed restraint. Biebs may have taken the “L” here, but it could have been a lot worse.

(Via TMZ)