‘He Was, Like, Really Attractive’: Watch Today’s Teens React To Nirvana

New photos of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, including never-before-seen looks at his suicide note, have emerged online, but those are far too depressing to deal with. Instead, let’s find joy in the fact that today’s teenagers? They know what Nirvana is! Maybe that shouldn’t come as a surprise (it’s not like teens are, ugh, pre-teens), but you never know the negative influence the Biebers of the world have on impressionable youth.

“Teens React to Nirvana” comes from the Fine Bros., and more often than not, the subjects interviewed are, if not aware of who Cobain was, at least familiar with his work with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, especially “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Also, that he’s a total babe…”That’s creepy, ’cause he’s dead.”