Wavves’ Nathan Williams Respects Kobe Bryant Even If He’s ‘Kind Of An Asshole’

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Wavves‘ new album V is coming out this week, so what you obviously want to know about is Nathan Williams’ opinion on the NBA. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Williams talked about falling back in love with the NBA and shared his opinions on the Black Mamba.

Williams’ opinion on different NBA teams seems to be closely tied to how punk they are. He’s a Clippers fan and he points out that he first fell for them during the era where they were perennial underdogs.

“I guess I liked them because they were the underdogs a little bit. And now it’s really exciting because I remember when I was a kid thinking, ‘What if this team could win a championship?’ And my dad would very realistically tell me they probably won’t even be a team at some point. Thanks, Dad.”

That respect for scrappiness even extends across rivalry lines for Williams.

“I loved Shaq when he was younger and skinnier and getting into fights with Charles [Barkley]. He was a real scrappy big guy. Kobe Bryant’s kind of an asshole, but I also like him a lot because he’s an asshole. That Pistons team, when the Pistons were all jerks, that was one of the coolest teams ever. And Kobe doesn’t have that much jerk in him – he’s no Dennis Rodman – but he’s still a real piece of sh*t. He just wants to win. Nothing else matters.”

Williams definitely has a bit of that scrap in him. He recently went toe-to-toe with his own label about his upcoming album.

Williams said that he drifted from sports for years, but is “able to fully embrace the bro inside of [him]” now that he’s older. He chose basketball to fan out over because it’s the most graceful professional sport.

“It’s the most…I don’t want to say ‘pretty’ because that’s not manly but watching basketball players is like watching rugged, huge ballerinas.”

That album drops Friday, by the way. And it’s great.

(via Rolling Stone)