Watch This Weatherman Give The Forecast Using Madonna And Taylor Swift Lyrics

Being a weatherman is a tough business, mostly because you’re wrong a good percentage of the time. That means you have to sometimes go to extraordinary means to get people to enjoy you, be it become a pillar of community or be really, really, really good looking. This guy elected to go another route: attempting to go viral. To complete this, he uses Taylor Swift and Madonna lyrics while giving his weather report.

Anything feature Tay Tay or Madge would usually garner some sort of attention online, but the Taylor Swift forecast slipped past when she rolled into Washington DC and meteorologist Mike Thomas decided to use her hits to pep up his report. Madonna was in town on Saturday, so Thomas did the same for her arrival. The good part is that Madonna has a much larger song catalog to pull from, making the references a bit more recognizable to the old folks out there who remember when Madonna wasn’t just a craggy diva with a faux British accent. You can check out the Madonna video above and then travel to the past a few months for the Taylor Swift clip below.

I give Thomas a lot of credit because he clearly put a little time into making sure these turned out just right for the audience at home. I probably would’ve just made fart circles with my finger and ran to the nearest exit, yelling about the Sun.

(Via Fox 5)