When Will 4Batz’s New Mixtape ‘U Made Me A St4r’ Be On Apple Music?

4Batz, the mysterious newcomer who somehow secured a Drake feature before most people had ever even seen his face, is releasing his debut mixtape U Made Me A St4r this week after pushing it back early last month. It will be many fans’ first opportunity to learn about the semi-obscure character through the best avenue to do so: his music. So…

When Will 4Batz’s New Mixtape U Made Me A St4r Be On Apple Music?

With a release date of May 3, U Made Me A St4r should be available on DSPs like Apple Music in just a few hours from this writing, at 9 PM Pacific time, or midnight, if you live on the east coast. Thanks to recent snafus involving fellow alleged Drake collaborator Bfp Da Packman and early cosigner Kanye West, we can never be 100 percent sure that an album is hitting streaming on schedule, but 4Batz has maintained a pretty professional rollout so far, so there’s no obvious reason to believe he’ll miss his release date.

In Uproxx’s February interview with the nascent star, he said, “I would like to be remembered as the biggest artist in the world and one of the most humble people in the world who gave back and inspired people, and who you know was talented.” We’ll get our first chance to find out just how talented he is on 5/3.