4Batz And Drake Ball Out For Their Ladies On Their Charming New ‘Act II: Date @ 8 Remix’

4Batz is having a hell of a breakthrough. Last year, the Dallas artist released his single, “Act II: Date @ 8,” on which, he charmingly explains to a young lady how he plans to woo her.

“I’ll come and slide by 8 p.m. / And send a text to your DM / Five hunnid for your f*ckin’ hair / Two hunnid for your f*ckin’ nails / You runnin’ out of shoes to wear / So I bought you another pair,” 4Batz sings on the song’s chorus.

Since its release, the song has proven to be a viral hit. And now, 4Batz has received another coveted feat — a cosign from Drake. On the song’s new remix, Drake makes an attempt to step back into his ladies’ man bag.

“Two hunnid on your f*ckin’ nail / Yeah, this sh*t feel like a fairy tale / I swear, I’ll make them open up Chanel / I’m a stand-up guy like Dave Chapelle,” Drake rap-sings on his verse

This is just the beginning for 4Batz. In a recent interview for our Uproxx 20 series, he shared that he is striving for longevity and wants for his music to have a long-lasting impact.

“I would like to be remembered as, the biggest artist in the world,” said 4Batz, “and one of the most humble people in the world who gave back and inspired people, and who you know was talented.”

You can listen to “Act II: Date @ 8 Remix” above.