Inevitable ‘Who The F*ck Is Bon Iver?’ Reactions Vastly Improved By The Rise Of ‘Bonnie Bear’ & ‘Bony Bear’

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02.13.12 15 Comments

Hours prior to the Grammys broadcast last night I made mention of the potential “Who the f*ck is Bon Iver?” backlash should he win anything. Burnsy quickly noted that it would be made even better by Channing Tatum presenting said award to “Bone Eeverrrrrrr.” So yeah, after last year’s “Who the f*ck is Arcade Fire?” debacle we all saw it coming. I’m certain someone had Ned Stark ready to go weeks in advance.

There have been a few nuances to the inevitable and uninformed fallout that I did not anticipate that have spiced things up a bit though. 1) Bon Jovi comparisons/questions. 2) Justin Vernon going full Ernie McCracken + substitute teacher wardrobe for the awards. 3) “Sweet hookup.” 4) The “Who the f*ck is Bon Iver?” crowd seeming enlightened compared to the “Who the f*ck is Paul McCartney?” and “I’d let Chris Brown smack me around” crowds. 5) The rise of Bonnie Bear and Bony Bear!

I’ve done some exhaustive research and “Bonnie Bear” turns out to be Justin Vernon’s other alter ego. The one he transforms into when playing for Taylor Swift’s animatronic Country Bear Jamboree band. The more you know. Thanks to FalseIdolator for doing the heavy lifting on that one.

Since this whole thing is no surprise I’ve included only the most important “Who the f*ck is Bon Iver?” reactions here. You know, the ones that speculate about Swedish boners. Enjoy.

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