Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Is Surprisingly Great At @Midnight’s One Word Off Song Titles

Wilco‘s latest album, Schmilco, arrived last week (which our critic Steven Hyden examined in great detail along with the rest of Wilco’s incredible discography) and to promote the new record, frontman Jeff Tweedy has been making the rounds on TV. On Wednesday, he found himself on the social media game show @Midnight to make a few jokes involving song titles.

During the #HashtagWars segment, the group — featuring Tweedy and comedians David Koechner and Jen Kirkman — had to change one single word in a song title to make it funny, and despite not being a pro comic or nerd who is on Twitter all day, the Wilco singer handled himself pretty well. Some of the #OneWordOffSongs that he came up with, like “Ob La Di, Al Qaeda” and “Devil Went Down to Hooters,” could easily be darkest timeline-versions of “Weird” Al Yankovic tracks. (Though, we should pray Al never goes down that road, as one of the few brimmingly positive and good people left on Earth.)

Either way, it’s a fun segment that shows a band like Wilco are capable of having a sense of humor. When you name your record Schmilco, that has to be true… or you could just be a big Harry Nilsson fan.