Will Doja Cat Release New Music Soon?

In a recent interview with Dazed, Doja Cat revealed that her new album will have “its own moment on Earth.”

Since the release of her third album, 2021’s Planet Her, Doja Cat has been riding a wave of success — from performing at Coachella for the first time and winning a Grammy to earning multi-platinum records and securing a spot in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 for nearly six months.

But all that success can come at a cost, the rapper reveals. Being under the harsh eye of critics can have its drawbacks, but Doja finds strength in her quirky but enigmatic style.

“I would take pictures in my room all day, do crazy make-up, put paint on my face, and flaunt it on the internet,” she told Dazed. “I loved getting those reactions; it was just my favorite thing, looking like a freak. I really enjoyed that.”

Despite the internet being thrown into a frenzy over her self-admitted “impulsive decision” when she decided to go bald earlier this year, the rapper shared that she has never felt more beautiful in her entire life.

“I felt beautiful when I had long hair. I definitely felt like a hot girl then, but I always do,” she said. “There’s something so exhilarating about change; [it] showed me a different side of myself. I feel so new, fresh, and sexy.”

When it comes to music, the rapper said she worked on some songs “a year and a half ago” and is ready to share them with the public soon. She also shared that before she drops the album, she has plans to drop some “fun” singles, but they won’t be connected to her upcoming project.

Doja continues to leaves fan guessing with the album’s direction. This past May, the rapper told Elle that her next album would “predominatley rap.” Following that, in September, she told CR Fashion Book, she said it would have a “90s German rave kind of vibe,” before saying it was all “lies” on Twitter shortly thereafter.