YBN Nahmir’s ‘How I Blew Up’ Story Takes Him From Xbox Freestyles To ‘Rubbin Off The Paint’

YBN Nahmir is a prime example of the How I Blew Up ethos. As he tells Uproxx’s Cherise Johnson, his preparation met perfect timing when his 2017 single “Rubbin Off The Paint” exploded in 2018, climbing to No. 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 and launching Nahmir and his YBN crew to stardom. He explains that he and his friends launched their efforts because, “We was like, ‘We gotta do something. We don’t wanna work for no other man.'” Unfortunately, he recalls, he still ended up stuck at Journeys selling shoes, but he says he’ll “never again” work another regular job.

The thing that changed everything for him was getting an Xbox Live subscription, which allowed him to meet YBN Almighty Jay and the former YBN Cordae. The group started out as gaming rivals but became friends, and their online freestyle sessions inspired Nahmir to take a swing at recording a solo track on the podcast mic he bought for Twitch streaming. Once “Rubbin Off The Paint” — which Nahmir says was originally a diss song for Jay that eventually sparked their friendship — blew up on SoundCloud, he made sure his friends came along with him.

Although the group’s members have more or less split up, they remain tight, and Nahmir has refocused on his solo career, saying, “I was selfless, but now I’m kind of selfish.”

Watch the full episode of How I Blew Up above.