Yes, Please: M.I.A. And The Roots Performed Together On ‘Fallon’ Last Night

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.08.13 4 Comments

mia fallon

Nine Inch Nails on Kimmel wasn’t the only important late-night musical guest last night: there was also M.I.A. and the Roots on Fallon performing a cut from her new album, “Come Walk with Me.” Matangi isn’t receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, with criticisms ranging from “IT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE THE FIRST TWO” to it being a “frustrating portrait of an artist challenging herself on some levels and retreating on others.”

There’s a lot to like, however: the cultural mish-mashing of sounds and genres is as impressive as ever, and the beats are hard and often exuberant. But really, next time, M.I.A., let the Roots join in on the fun, too.

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