YG And DJ Mustard Break It Down In The Twerk-Filled ‘Pop It, Shake It’ Video

YG and DJ Mustard are officially back. Just a few weeks after sharing their new collaboration “Pop It, Shake It,” the pair have unveiled a brand new video to go along with it. The visuals more than live up to the title of the song. Both YG and Mustard cruise around, surrounded by women popping, shaking and twerking everything they’ve got.

The song itself is a send-up to strippers, wherein YG refers to himself as “West side G, big spender, big tipper,” before asking a stripper to “Let me see ya no hands / Let me see ya pop it like rubber bands / Can ya make me feel like a man?” Apparently, the stripper in question is “a vegan, but she still thick,” and is “the type you sneak out the back door.”

If “Pop It, Shake It,” is any indication, the newly-renewed working relationship between YG and his old producing buddy after a brief falling out could have the potential to produce another project as classic as the rapper’s debut My Krazy Life. He’s already announced the title of his next album, RE’D UP 3: KNOW YOUR WORTH, and wouldn’t you know it, Mustard is the one handling all the executive producer duties.

Watch the twerk-tastic “Pop It, Shake It” video above.

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