All Yo Gotti Wants For His Birthday Is 42 Dugg Free And He’s Willing To Pay $2 Million To Get It

Collective Music Group rapper 42 Dugg was sentenced to a year in prison for failing to report for a previous sentence for carjacking and firearms possession. This situation isn’t working for CMG founder Yo Gotti. The Memphis rap mainstay was willing to pay big money to secure his artist’s release, posting a call to action on his Instagram Story. According to XXL, he wrote, “I got $2 million for any lawyer that can get Dugg out early.[That’s] what I want for my birthday #FreeDoggy”

Dugg appeared to be having a miserable time in prison as well, sharing an Instagram post of his own (perhaps through an intermediary) in which he claimed that he wasn’t being given hot water in the commissary to heat up food. “Man, I’m in this b*tch heating my food up with water from the nasty ass shower — they don’t even give us hot water to heat food up,” he asserted. “Ain’t no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family, nothing. I’m sure they gone do some more illegal sh*t but what I ’pose to die in this b*tch for probation violation?”

Even before Dugg’s troubles, though, Gotti was working hard on prison reform. Last year, he allied with Jay-Z and Meek Mill to throw support behind a bill to prohibit the use of rap lyrics in criminal trials, and before that, he and Jay sued the Mississippi Department of Corrections over inmate rights violations, prompting the prisons’ healthcare provider to end its contract. Hopefully, their efforts will yield greater results in the future, because the prison system as it stands is pretty awful.