Rapper 42 Dugg Has Been Sentenced To One Year Behind Bars For Failing To Report To Jail By A Detroit Judge

42 Dugg’s looming legal problems have finally reached a resolution. The “U-Haul” rapper has officially been sentenced to one year in prison by a Detroit judge. Back in March, the musician pleaded guilty to prison evasion in connection with a weapons charge stemmed from his original conviction in 2010 for carjacking and felony firearms possession.

Initially, the prosecutors agreed to recommend a six-month sentence (the same length the rapper previously agreed to serve but skipped out on). However, the district court judge presiding over the case, U.S. District just William Ray II, overruled it, suggesting that the rapper could serve the maximum (five years). Now, according to the Detroit News, Dugg has formally been sentenced to one year behind bars for failing to report to jail.

In addition to the sentence, the recording artist will be required to serve three years of supervised release, pay a $20,000 fine, and refrain from using illegal drugs.

Dugg’s (real name Dion Hayes) lawyers, Drew Findling and Marissa Goldberg released a statement in the sentencing memorandum, which read, “Despite his success and aspirations, Dion has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues,” adding, “For years, he has used substances as a means of avoiding the jarring and dichotomous realities of his life — that he is a young man who grew up in a socioeconomically depressed area, who spent most of his young life imprisoned, without family guidance or schooling, and who, against all odds, became successful.”

“With such success, Dion came to face new types of difficulties — namely, remaining clear-headed, focused, and free from external influences and bad actors. Such jarring life changes have impacted him in ways he is only beginning to understand.”