Premiere: You Blew It’s Beautiful ‘Arrowhead’ Video Is A Botanist’s Dream

02.15.17 2 years ago

Back in October, Florida emo quartet You Blew It released Abendrot, their third full-length effort, and their first for Triple Crown Records. The second half of Abendrot is anchored by the longest track on the record, the gradually building “Arrowhead,” the video for which we are premiering above. For the video, You Blew It recruited Josh Coll, whose previously directorial work includes a couple of lush, cinematic videos for his band Foxing.

“We’ve always really admired Josh, especially for his artistic abilities and vision,” You Blew It frontman Tanner Jones said. “We asked him to do the treatment for the video because we trusted him so much. As soon as he signed on, we made it a point to give him as much artistic freedom as possible.”

However, Coll was a little apprehensive to take on the role of writer, director, and co-producer for the video. “My goal was ‘don’t f**k this up,'” Coll said. “This was the first time I’ve gotten a video that I wasn’t involved in, and I just wanted them to be happy. They’re the first band that I’ve said yes to. If I was gonna do a video for them, I wanted one, for them to be happy, and two, for me to make something that felt like it came from my head.” After the band approached Coll for the video, he found himself coming up blank on a potential concept; it took some time sitting with the song and digesting it before certain imagery started popping into his head to compliment the track’s linear, growing feel.

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