You Won't Find Frank Ocean's New Album At Target, Sadly

07.12.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

If, by chance, you’re waiting to buy a physical copy of Frank Ocean’s highly-acclaimed and much-buzzed about Channel Orange when it’s released next week, you will not find it at Target. Why? Well, it might, as Frank Ocean and his people seem to believe, have something to do with that whole falling in love with a dude thing. Target, however, suggests otherwise.

Reports the LA Times:

A Target statement, reported by MTV News, explained that “At Target, we focus on offering our guests a wide assortment of physical CDs, so our selection of new releases is dedicated to physical CDs rather than titles that are released digitally in advance of the street date.”

In addition, the statement refuted (Ocean’s manager’s) allusion in a since-deleted Tweet on Tuesday that the decision had anything to do with the musician’s sexuality.

“The claims made about Target’s decision to not carry the Frank Ocean album are absolutely false,” the statement said. “Target supports inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our business. Our assortment decisions are based on a number of factors, including guest demand.

I don’t know, you’d think that a national retail chain would want to stock an album that is one of hottest online sellers of the year, right? But hey, what do I know.

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