Young Thug Explains Why He Never Worked With Andre 3000: ‘Dre Likes His Ass Kissed’

Despite being a pioneer for Atlanta hip-hop to the mainstream in the ’90s and 2000s, Andre 3000 doesn’t quite get the same level of love from his hometown successors. Although his work as a member of Outkast is often referenced in comparing the stylistic innovations of newer ATLien rappers to their predecessors, some of those predecessors aren’t exactly checking for Andre themselves. During his appearance on T.I.’s podcast ExpediTIously, Young Thug — is arguably the current epicenter of Atlanta rap — explains why he never much paid attention to Andre 3000.

“I can’t rap you two Andre 3000 songs,” he said. “I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life.” When T.I. tells him that he’s “missing out” and says they need to work together, referring to his recent collaboration with Elton John. Thugger disagrees though. “But the difference between Elton John and Andre is, to simplify it, Elton John likes to kiss ass, and Dre likes his ass kissed. Elton John like “Hey! I like you, I remember your first song, I remember Gucci first song. When Guwop getting out?’ He a fan type of n****, to the point where I’m like, ‘Let’s do music,’ and he’s like, ‘N**** bet!’ Andre more like, ‘This is his secretary. Tell the n**** it’s Thug, n****.'”

T.I. also compares Andre’s fashion pioneering to Thug’s, prompting the younger rapper to explain why he wore a dress on his Jeffery cover. “That sh*t was just that simple,” he said. “That motherf*cker matched! It was not for attention. That’s on the Holy Bible, that’s on my kids.”

Watch Young Thug’s discussion with T.I. above.