Jim Jefferies Found Himself Confused By One Aspect Of President Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

06.16.17 10 months ago

Jim Jefferies usually doesn’t hold his tongue when it comes to world affairs and his opinions, so Comedy Central saw fit to give him his own weekly show ahead of The Daily Show. Every Tuesday gives the comedian a chance to talk about the issues of the week, giving him a platform like Samantha Bee and John Oliver but with Brad Pitt around to give you the weather report. It’s still getting its legs, but folks enjoy the guy for his work on Legit, his stand-up, and his triumphant moment with Piers Morgan.

Jefferies stopped by Conan to do a little promotion for the show and ended up talking a bit about President Trump and The First Lady. He took a trip to Slovenia for a segment on his show, visiting Melania Trump’s childhood home and running into a very friendly cat. People in Slovenia apparently love the new FLOTUS and Jefferies finds out that they think she’s a pretty nice lady overall. But it’s another part of the segment that leads Jefferies back down the path to that bus with Billy Bush and Citizen Trump, all thanks to that cat.

It seems that the phrase “grab them by the p*ssy” is a little confusing for Jefferies, mostly because of the oddity of grabbing someone by a part of the body that’s kinda inside. He continues down a very long, awkward, and confusing line of jokes to explain his position, almost losing the crowd by the end thanks to his disgusting conclusion. And despite that, it was still very funny.

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