Ted Cruz Says Trans People Have Bathrooms At Home And Should Use Them

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04.26.16 3 Comments

Ever since North Carolina passed its controversial HB2 into law, which limits public facilities access for transgender people, everyone has offered their two cents on the matter. From musicians, businesses and the National Basketball Association, to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, anyone with media access has leaned in on the measure — despite Governor Pat McCrory’s unhelpful clarification. Despite all the negative publicity, however, Trump rival Ted Cruz has been one of the law’s most outspoken proponents. He even addressed the matter directly with some rather harsh remarks on Saturday.

According to the Washington Blade, Cruz spoke about HB2 and the national fallout during a campaign stop in Plainfield, Indiana over the weekend. At first, it seemed the junior senator from Texas was actually defending transgender rights:

“Every one of us has the right to live our lives as we wish. If any one of us wants to dress up as a woman or man and wants to live as woman or man and believes that we might be something other than what we were born, God has made each of us with free will and the ability to choose to do. If a man to wants to dress as a woman, and live as a woman, and have a bathroom at home.”

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