Russell Peters Tells An Absolutely Awesome Mike Tyson Story On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

Russell Peters jumped on People’s Party with Talib Kweli this week, primed to tell amazing stories about his life on and off the stage. For years, Peters has made millions laugh while learning a bit about themselves with his unique brand of comedy. Beyond the celebrity though, he’s a man who has a deep reverence for art, culture, and music (especially hip-hop!) — making an interview with Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh a natural fit.

Being a top tier comedian often means you move between elite and very thugged out circles. Here Russell tells a truly bonkers story about how he lent his Bentley to legendary hip-hop icon Eric B. When Eric B brought the car back, it arrived with none other than boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson. The exchange they had was a historic exchange about a very hood-affiliated friend they had in common from Tyson’s pre boxing fame. Several years later, they met again. Upon seeing Peters, Tyson immediately recounted their first conversation to Chuck Zito, former President of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club.

Peters was blown away by Tyson’s clarity in what he recalled from their first meeting. In the years since, they’ve become close friends.

Chuckling in amazement he says to Kweli “He meets one hundred and fifty people a day — of note! To remember that detail…” Peters pauses in awe reflecting on the moment, then adds. “Don’t think people aren’t paying attention. The people [at the top of the game] are retaining everything. It’s what they choose to react to [that matters].”

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