Ariana Grande Aided Kentucky Voters With Coffee And Food Trucks

Kentucky’s primary election took place Tuesday and many voters turned out to the polls. But because of the pandemic, several polling sites had shut down. Louisville, home to over 600,000, only had one single polling station open for its entire population. The lack of voting options led to some citizens waiting in line for hours to cast their ballot, and others being turned away completely. Ariana Grande saw news of the long voting lines and jumped into action, providing relief and words of encouragement to Kentucky voters.

Ariana Grande decided to support Kentucky voters by providing refreshments as they waited to vote. Announcing her actions on social media, the singer directed several coffee and food trucks to be stationed outside Louisville’s polling station. The singer urged voters to stay in line, even if the polls were closing. “please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u,” she wrote.


This isn’t the first time the singer has supported local businesses in the past month. Last week, Grande used her massive platform to promote a local Black-owned coffee shop, South LA Cafe. After posting a photo of their coffee on social media, the coffee shop said they had over 150 customers in under half an hour.

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