All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

“I think the true test of a pop song, for me, and I’ve talked to a lot of other writers about this, is you take your demo, you pop it in your car and you drive down Sunset Blvd. to Santa Monica, and that’s the Hollywood car test,” producer and musician Ryan Tedder once said about the genre. This week, it seems the artists took this advice between glittery pop or rock-inspired anthems.

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Bebe Rexha — “Blue Moon”

Dropping her anticipated album, Bebe, this week, Rexha has delivered on a ton of shimmery songs, including collaborations with Dolly Parton, Snoop Dogg, and David Guetta. “Blue Moon” is no different, other than being a solo take, as it builds off of space-age metaphors and disco influences through the modern pop trend.

Jessie Ware — “Hello Love”

Keeping with the dancefloor-ready trend in music this week, none other than Jessie Ware dropped a full album of songs in that wheelhouse with That! Feels Good!. Three turns into the record, Ware used “Hello Love” to give listeners a “breather” if playing in order, while still being a soaring pop track. “It feels quintessentially me, but with me having grown with experience in writing,” she said in an Apple Music interview.

Niall Horan — “Meltdown”

“Meltdown” is Niall Horan‘s latest single from his forthcoming album, The Show, and despite the title, it serves as a warm hug to listeners who might be struggling. “I really love how the tempo of the song and the groove intensifies that feeling of spiraling out of control, and adds even more urgency to the panic and irrational thinking,” Horan previously shared on Instagram. “In the chorus there is a major shift in the the mood as there is some calm brought to the chaos.”

Kesha — “Eat The Acid”

Kesha is also back this week with two new songs: “Fine Line” and “Eat The Acid,” from her recently-announced next album, Gag Order. Specifically, the latter track is intended to warn listeners about everything that comes with fame, over an addictive Rick Rubin-co-produced instrumental.

The Blssm — “Merry Go Round”

The Blssm described the new track, “Merry Go Round,” as one that “is a theme song for a ‘chaotic good’ type character – someone who falls too hard, feels too much, and is destructive along the way but also cares so deeply,” later adding, “This song is for when you’re feeling melodramatic and emotional at the club.”

Taeyang — “Shoong!” (feat. Lisa)

Already two powerhouses on their own, Bigbang’s Taeyang and Blackpink’s Lisa have made some serious waves by deciding to collab for “Shoong!.” By the time her verse hits, it proves just how fitting of a choice it was, as she matches the badass energy and nails the choreography in the video.

Nessa Barrett — “American Jesus”

The second single from Nessa Barrett’s next EP, “American Jesus” finds her relying on love like a form of religion, with the music video using small-town country aesthetics. “It’s about the fantasy of someone who is your savior, your cowboy in a crown,” Barrett said in a statement. “Everyone dreams about a love that’s heavenly, and I know everyone will be able to relate to this.”

Seventeen — “Super”

Seventeen‘s music video for their new song, “Super,” uses choreography to convey the high energy present in the beat drops and overall instrumental. “We’ll never rest, everyday, make it make it / Don’t break until we make it,” they note, hinting at the intensity that fuels them.

Illenium — “Eyes Wide Shut”

Illenium’s new song, “Eyes Wide Shut,” is a collab with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker that blends electronic and the pop-rock era — especially on the rocking first chorus with Barker’s drum line prominently introduced. It is also prominently featured on the DJ’s recently-released fifth studio album, which dropped over the weekend.

“To me, a self-titled album is the core sound of who I am,” he shared in a statement. “I get to explore my original musical inspirations and blend something that truly feels fresh.”

Kenzie — “Sickly Sweet”

Being inspired by musicians like Billie Eilish, Kenzie decided to turn the tables for her latest song, “Sickly Sweet.” Taking a different perspective to detailing a toxic relationship, she notes that it “takes two to tango,” as she pushes right back.

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