All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week saw the release of a ton of great new pop music. Beyoncé put on her cowboy hat and recruited a ton of A-List legends for her new album — proving exactly why she’s a Texas girl at heart. J-Hope of BTS released some new solo material while the band is on a hiatus, giving fans something to listen to alongside his recently released documentary.

Check out the rest of Uproxx’s Best New Pop Music roundup below.

Beyoncé — “Protector” Feat. Rumi Carter

Beyoncé has taken over the world again, as her anticipated full-foray into country music with Cowboy Carter dropped. Spanning 27 songs and shining with features from Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, it’s hard to pick just a single favorite — given it varies with each listen. For this week, “Protector” seems like an underrated but moving pick. The gentle track is a dedication from Beyoncé to her children, emphasizing the hopes she has for them and the advice she wishes to give. Her daughter, Rumi Carter, also makes an appearance on it, giving it an added layer in terms of an emotional tie. “Mom, can I hear the lullaby please?” Rumi asks at the beginning before Bey launches into the song.

J-Hope — “Lock/Unlock” Feat. Benny Blanco

J-Hope of BTS dropped a new documentary on Prime Video and gave fans an album, Hope On The Street: Vol. 1, to go along with it. One of the highlights from his latest solo project is “Lock/Unlock,” which features Benny Blanco. The track builds up the energy with a rising danceable instrumental, as J-Hope seemingly sings about a rollercoaster of a relationship, changing with each line of the chorus.

D4vd — “Feel It”

D4vd has continued to be on a roll when it comes to incredible songs this year. His latest track “Feel It” was created for the animated TV series Invincible — so he taps into the energy of feeling unstoppable from a loving relationship. There’s also speculation that fans can expect a new album from him later this year with his Genius page seemingly hinting at it.

Isabel LaRosa — “favorite”

Isabel LaRosa turns up the tension on her bilingual “favorite” as she details a hotter side of her love life. “I swear you’re heaven, but boy, you’re no angel / You take me places only we go / You’re so pretty, God, I swear that it’s painful,” she points out.

Blu DeTiger, Magdalena Bay — “Disappearing”

“Disappearing” finds bassist queen Blu DeTiger joining forces with the pop duo Magdalena Bay — as they also co-produced it. A bubbly jam just in time for summer, the song is set to be included on DeTiger’s forthcoming debut album, All I Want Is Everything.

1999 Write The Future — “Pump It Up” Feat. Rich Brian and TiaCorine

1999 Write The Future dropped a debut album in February, but it’s clear they have no plans to slow down in 2024. Their latest track “Pump It Up” features Rich Brian and TiaCorine, providing an instant mood boost. Just as the title suggests, it is a dancefloor hit with an instrumental that just radiates positive energy.

Blusher — “Accelerator”

Blusher is a rising Australian pop group not to miss. Back in January, Uproxx spotlighted the band’s “Rave Angel” as a Best New Pop highlight. Since then, the trio have been hard at work, being listed among a list on Rolling Stone and now releasing their latest single “Accelerator.” The band goes full throttle for the party anthem, describing it as something straight out of a “big-budget action movie.”

Leigh-Anne — “Stealin’ Love”

Leigh-Anne, who some fans might know from Little Mix, dropped her solo track “Stealin’ Love” this past week. When describing the intention behind the vulnerable lyrics, she said that it “speaks to those times when you feel like you are pouring so much love into someone and not getting what you need back. I think it’s incredibly powerful to be open and honest about these moments.”

Sophie Cates — “Moments”

Sophie Cates dropped her new album Supernova, a treat for fans who have been keeping up with her since the Silver Sphere era. “Moments” opens the record, as Cates details the quiet and romantic moments that she clings to. However, by the second verse, she also opens up about her struggles in relationships — putting her full heart on display in the process.

Maude Latour — “Too Slow”

Maude Latour had been previewing “Too Slow” for a few weeks on TikTok before its release, giving it just the right amount of time for the song to get stuck in fans’ heads. As she shared on the platform, she was inspired to write a song as a joke in an hour after feeling burnt out. However, it wound up being a lighthearted encapsulation of pregaming before heading to a party — and has become another viral sensation. After catching Latour perform at a college showcase before the pandemic, it’s been truly exciting to see others discover how talented she is.

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