Billie Eilish Released A Gucci ‘Happier Than Ever’ Edition On Recycled Vinyl

You’ve got the Gucci wallet, you’ve got the Gucci flip-flops, and maybe you’ve got the Billie Eilish perfume, too. Now round out the collection with Eilish’s Happier Than Ever on Gucci recycled vinyl! Facts only, folks. And the limited edition record also comes with some extra flair.

Eilish took to her Instagram yesterday to announce the collaboration. “So excited to share my limited edition “Happier Than Ever” vinyl and @gucci nail stickers featuring an exclusive box designed by @alessandro_michele,” the post began. “The vinyl is made from recycled vinyl scraps from all the colors of the original pressing of the record and each piece is completely unique!!

The recycled vinyl is a similar concept to Paul McCartney’s McCartney/333 special edition vinyl pressed by Third Man Records. Except McCartney’s records were made from recycled pieces of his first two solo records, whereas Eilish’s is an amalgamation of other editions of Happier Than Ever. Although Eilish definitely has McCartney one-upped with the Gucci nail stickers.

Eilish’s post continued on to list out the Gucci Boutiques where the records/box set will be available. Cities include Paris, Berlin, Milan, Madrid, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney, Osaka, and Tokyo. It’s an opulent and exclusive release to say the least, and since it’s currently only available at retailers, the price isn’t listed online. But it’s safe to say that it’ll come with a hefty price tag. This isn’t lost on your day-to-day Billie Eilish fan and the top comment on the Instagram post summed it up best: “bae i’m broke”