Billie Eilish Has The Biggest Vocabulary Of All Modern Pop Stars, Says A New Study

Billie Eilish has always said a lot in her music, and it turns out that she does so with the greatest variety of words: a new study from Word Tips (as Consequence notes) indicates that of all modern stars, Eilish has the biggest vocabulary.

Here, “biggest vocabulary” equates to most word variety: To compile the data, Word Tips “counted the words used by 100 modern stars [Spotify’s most listened-to artists] and the 100 greatest singers of all time [according to a 2010 list by Rolling Stone] and added up the number of unique words they used per 1,000.” Among modern stars, Eilish has the most unique words used per 1,000, with 169. She is followed by Harry Styles (159), Lizzo (153), Shakira (151), Lorde (149), and Janelle Monáe (149).

Eilish also finished high on the all-time list, as she’s 5th. Ahead of her are Patti Smith (217), Joni Mitchell (199), Björk (197), and Jim Morrison (177).

The site also noted which stars have the smallest vocabularies. That title goes to both Trey Songz and Luther Vandross, who each use 66 unique words per 1,000. Other artists towards the bottom of the list include Carly Rae Jepsen (69), Mary J Blige (71), Meghan Trainor (72), Justin Timberlake (76), Mariah Carey (77), Ariana Grande (79), Michael Jackson, Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, Usher, Prince, and Tove Lo (80 each).

Word Tips has put their data into a great interactive infographic, so find that here.

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