BTS’ RM Strays From His Band’s Sleek Pop Sound On The New Pop-Rock Single ‘Come Back To Me’

As the BTS hiatus rolls on, the group’s RM isn’t stopping. His second solo album — Right Place, Wrong Person — is set to drop on May 24. Ahead of then, he has shared a video for a new single, “Come Back To Me.”

A press release notes that on the song, RM “explores the central theme of the new album, ‘right and wrong,’ delving into the paradoxical desire to venture into new territories while longing to remain content in the present.”

The tune is a departure from the slick pop listeners would expect of BTS, as the tune is carried by gentle acoustic guitar and whistles as RM explores more of a John Mayer-esque pop-rock territory. He’s also not afraid to go long: The radio edit runs for about 4 minutes, but the standard version of the song is about 6-and-a-half minutes long.

He first revealed the song while making a surprise appearance at a Suga concert in August 2023. At the time, he called the track one of his favorites from the album.

The video is directed by Lee Sung Jin, known for creating the Emmy-winning 2023 Netflix series Beef. Joseph Lee, who plays the role of George Nakai in Beef, actually has a part in this video, as does Kim Minha of Pachinko fame.

Watch the “Come Back To Me” video above.

Right Place, Wrong Person is out 5/24 via Big Hit. Find more information here.