Demi Lovato Sings ‘I Love Me’ On A Quarantine Edition Of ‘The Tonight Show’

The entertainment landscape has changed drastically over the past month or so, thanks to the self-isolation the coronavirus pandemic has necessitated. The late-night shows have gone into quarantine mode with the hosts creating episodes from their homes, and last night, Jimmy Fallon got an assist from Demi Lovato. She was the guest on The Tonight Show yesterday, and from a safe distance away, she got on a video chat and performed “I Love Me.”

Elsewhere on the program, Lovato revealed that she is holed up with her family in Los Angeles and that she has been into painting lately. So, she and Fallon decided to paint each other’s portraits. While the works were in progress, Lovato spoke about her moving performance at the Grammys earlier this year, saying, “I was very nervous, but I also was very confident. I had been practicing so much and waiting on that performance for so long. I always hoped that if I stepped back on stage, that that would be the song I would sing.”

Lovato previously said of “I Love Me,” “I can’t put into words just yet what this past year for me has been… but this song focuses on a lot of what’s been going on in my head. We have good days, and we have bad days. The best we can do is be the best version of ourselves and celebrate that with those closest to us.”

Watch clips from Lovato’s Tonight Show appearance above.